Monday, June 21, 2010

Ulysse Gizmos release 1.0

Yesterday our first product for Android was uploaded on Android Market.

This program is the set of basic auxiliary tools, which you will very rare to use during phone call, music listening or movie watching. I've bet you will never use them during playing a game on your phone. But you may be often will use them in other situations. Current team includes Compass, GPS monitor, Bubble level, Inclinometer and Magnetometer for now.


  1. This is an unimaginably useful app for my job, measuring roofs for solar PV panels.

    Thank you, I love the whole interface, which allows me the best possible accuracy with true north azimuths and rooftop inclinations, with the magnetometer thrown in for security against metal and electric interferance.

    Much appreciated, let me know if I can help with testimonials any time.

  2. Thank you, Ken, for your feedback! This is a best reward for developer :)

  3. This application totally rocks. It's a MUST HAVE! A masterpiece! I would love to see the code.

  4. Fantastic application. I do hope that you keep these basic set of tools free or as a "lite" addition, any further instruments should be bundled as a paid/pro app; for those who value a small application footprint. once again,bravo!


  5. ...surely someone must list 'Ulysse Gizmos' as one of the best free apps ever!

  6. Awesome application - can't believe the degree of precision you have achieved with your programming - very useful for me in teaching surveying. Well done and thanks.

  7. Please this letter to the senior managers.
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    I really professional team because you design and build this Program thank you.
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  8. Hi there,
    can you add small improvement about coordinate in this format? N 49° 28.130 E 017° 05.480 , next reguest is for manual insert waypoint(by writing), not by touching on display. Thank you very much. It is my favourite app.

  9. hi,this is my favourite app now!thank You..
    the speedometer sometimes takes many minutes to start working.-And a wish,to make it perfect:could You include Distance travelled..?!-

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