Sunday, September 12, 2010

Build 1.1.10. New Compass display

This is a new Compass display. Now it always shows device heading, which should be more usable than previous true and magnetic North angles. Those angles also still visible but mostly as second-line reference.
New Compass also fix orientation display "jumps", which happens when bearing is set.
We hope you also will found new display more comfortable and useful.


  1. Very cool app. I love the new display. =) Just downloaded it and thought I'd drop by and say I enjoy it. Thanks

  2. It is a very good app,but the compass always points to the West. Why? How should I do?

  3. Looking to use this app on my Notion Ink Adam Pixel Q tablet, mounted on a 1994 Gl 1500 Honda Goldwing. Any one using this app on a motorcycle.?

    1. I do. I have the Honda ST1100. I even disconnected my speedo cable to stay within my warranty. ;-)

  4. @Gallan: I'd love to if I only could find it for d/l... It's not showing up anywhere. (even) The QR-code on the site here takes me to the Market w/o Gizmos showing up for installation.

    I did install Speedometer, which is equally well designed; hence my interest for Gizmos...

    (Could it be my CN-built clone HDC Z710 not cooperation or being incompatible?)

  5. nice app
    head up is true, the scale shows the feeder up.
    scale must be reversed, or scale must rotate

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  7. In Samsung galaxy 3 2016, button in the lower left no longer allows access to the software menu (map, setting, waypoints, etc.). How can I do to fix it?