Friday, January 27, 2012

Why you need to dial payment number!?

While dedicated website under development I will answer here.
Actually answer already in application description in Market. But it looks like many peoples doesn't read such descriptions at all I will repeat it here.

************* PHONE CALL PERMISSION *********************
In the last release, we added the functionality to add application and shortcuts to the Speedometer for fast access; many of our users asked for this functionality.
The call permission is required by Android for direct call shortcuts, which are very handy. You can call any person right from Speedometer in one touch. Speedometer uses the standard phone dialing app for this task, which is completely under your control. The Speedometer never does it directly or in a hidden manner. Call permission is a standard for all car dashboard apps that handle custom users shortcuts, like Direct Dial, so do not fear for your phone bills; everything stays under your control.


  1. PLEASE update your app on the Amazon Market. I bought it (Ulysse Speedometer Pro) there, and it is over four months old. I cannot "re-purchase" it on the Android Market, either, because it thinks I already own it, but doesn't let me download it.

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